How to use software portal on Mac client and basic troubleshooting

Version 17

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    Ivanti EPM Portal Manager delivers apps, documents, and links to end users so they can install items that are approved for use in your organization or required for that user's hardware


    General steps

    1. Create a new Macintosh distribution package
    2. Create a scheduled task
    3. Select Policy as delivery type
    4. Run the task, right now the task status would be Pending
    5. Run Software Portal on the Mac client as below
    6. The portal will open automatically

    Problem Description

    The following are the issues that may be encountered  when you use the software portal:

    1. The portal could not pop up, no response when you click the portal as in step 5.
    2. The newly updated policies cannot be found.



    1. From the MAC machine, Go to Folder  /Library/Application Support/LANDesk/landesk.log, and check if the client received a new policy

      Normally you would get the error message as below:
      soap:Fault Soap session could not be invoked between the client and web services server
      Sep  7 15:41:21 tests-Mac-mini-2.local ldapm[1570] <Info>: APM: No new policies

    2. From the console side, check current  Mac software Distribution task status, make sure the affected device is on the task pending list.
    3. If there is any task status issue or error return code reported, you can check it through the normal SWD troubleshooting steps.