Issue: IP Address Cannot Be Acquired by WinPE for Some DELL Models During Provisioning

Version 8

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6

    Error message

    IP address

    Waiting for IP address..................


    Timed out before acquiring an IP address.


    The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation.


    Failed to get localhost IP address or resolve core server name. Please check your network and try again.




    This issue can be caused by some versions of the corresponding DELL NIC driver.



    Per the information from DELL's support website, an updated driver (version, A11) has specifically "fixed issue that system can not get IP under some WinPE environment".

    To fix the issue, the driver needs to be injected into the network boot image and the PXE rep needs to be redeployed.


    Applies to DELL models


    Latitude 3340

    Latitude E5250/5250

    Latitude E5440

    Latitude E5450/5450

    Latitude E5540

    Latitude E5550/5550

    Latitude E6440

    Latitude E6540

    Latitude E7240

    Latitude E7250/7250

    Latitude E7440

    Latitude E7450


    Precision T1700

    Precision M2800

    Precision M4800

    Precision M6800


    Dell Precision Tower 5810

    Dell Precision Tower 7810

    Dell Precision Tower 7910


    OptiPlex 9020

    OptiPlex 9020M

    OptiPlex 7020

    OptiPlex XE2