"Forwarding to SSO... Please enable Cookies to continue login" when trying to login to community

Version 3



    On the community we implemented single sign on so that customers can move between community.landesk.com (kb and forums) and support.landesk.com (support portal) without requiring to login again.  There have been some reports where customers have been unable to login after this.  Their browser reports:

    "Please enable Cookies to continue login"

    Cookies are in fact enabled in the browser and *.landesk.com has been specifically enabled to allow cookies.


    Solution 1:


    This can be caused by an adblocker.  Please try excluding *.landesk.com or temporarily disabling the adblocker to see if this is the cause.


    Solution 2:


    If your credentials have been cleared (by clearing cookies in your browser), and you do not then log in again, but try to access content that requires a login it will give this error.