Error: "Failed to save the CSA settings" appears and password field is blank

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    In Ivanti EPM, when on the managed Cloud Services Appliances, error "Failed to save the CSA settings" pops up. The password field on this screen also appears blank. Usually seen after an upgrade (ie, 95 to 9.6, etc)




    Database table was corrupted. In some instances, there was no free space on the CSA from log generation.



    Check the free space on the CSA using this article Logs Fill Up CSA..  If that doesn't resolve the issue, we will need to delete the existing CSA reference line in the database.


    Always create a full database backup before running scripts in a live environment.


    To resolve this issue, login to the database and run this query:


    select * from brokerconfig


    You'll now see the CSAs you have configured in Ivanti EPM. Find the one that's not letting you save the changes and make note of the BrokerConfig_Idn number.


    Then need to run this query:


    delete from BrokerConfig where BrokerConfig_idn = ?


    (replacing the question mark with the previous BrokerConfig_IDN number you noted before)


    After this completes, update the client connectivity settings in your agents.


    Note: If you are running brokerconfig on an agent that is not on the network and are receiving a 404 error, try removing the ldmg certs from the CSA, reboot CSA and try brokerconfig again.