CETerm: Cold boot persistence setup for Motorola (Symbol) mobile computers

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Some Motorola mobile computers will loose all installed applications, configuration information, registry settings, shortcuts and data if the device undergoes a cold boot. It is a good idea to setup cold boot persistence so that your application and its configuration settings and data are restored automatically.

    For cold boot persistence, you need to restore

    • CETerm application
    • Configuration settings
    • Application shortcuts

    CETerm maintains all its configuration settings in the registry of the terminal. Follow steps in this article to setup automatic restore of CETerm on a Motorola (or Symbol) terminals. These instructions describe how to use a companion CETerm script MotorolaColdBootSetup.js to setup your device to restore the CETerm application and settings after a cold boot. 

    We use the product name CETerm, but these instructions also apply to our single emulation products CEVT220, CE3270, and CE5250. Be sure to edit the configuration if using one of these other products.


    Motorola Cold Boot Script attached


    1. Install CETerm from the CAB file (probably already installed)
    2. Configure CETerm as desired.
    3. Edit the configuration section below if required. We recommend using the default settings.
      • Change the product name as needed
      • You may also edit on the device after Import
    4. Copy the downloaded script to the Naurtech flash directory. Typically this will be \Application\Naurtech. Create this directory if it does not yet exist.
    5. Import this script into any empty CETerm script slot.
      • Open Session -> Configure -> Options -> Configure Scripting and select the Scripts tab
      • Double-click on an empty script slot and tap Import.
      • Select this script file.
      WARNING: Do NOT mark this script "Load at Startup"
    6. Tap "Test/Load" in the script edit dialog. A starting tone will sound. Allow about 30 to 60 seconds to complete.
    7. Wait for completion message. Tap OK.
    8. Tap 'X' to close the Edit Script dialog.

    TIP: Do not tap OK to close the edit dialog. Instead, close the edit dialog with 'X'. Using 'X' will prevent this large script from being saved in CETerm and will reduce the REG file size.

    To test, cold boot the terminal and verify restore of CETerm and all its configuration settings 


    • To re-save after changes to the CETerm configuration, repeat Steps 5 through 8. If you choose to save this script in a slot by closing Edit Dialog with OK, you do not need to re-import it each time it is used. You may simply open the edit dialog and tap "Test/Load".
    • This script does not copy a license.xml file used for automated licensing. We recommend putting the license.xml file under \Application\Naurtech and configure the License Server URL setting in CETerm (Options -> Advanced -> Manage) to point to this file. For example:


    • To minimize the REG file size, do not tap OK after importing this large script as described above. Another option is to copy the script to the device and evaluate it from the file by using the two line script in any script slot:
            var f = "\\Application\\Naurtech\\MotorolaColdBootSetup.js"; eval( OS.File.Read(f) ); 

    Because these two lines are small, they can be saved in a CETerm script slot and minimally increase the REG file size. Do NOT mark this two line script "Load at Startup".