CETerm: Cold boot persistence setup for Honeywell mobile computers

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Some Honeywell mobile computers will loose all installed applications, configuration information, registry settings, shortcuts and data if the device undergoes a cold boot. It is a good idea to setup cold boot persistence so that your application and its configuration settings and data are restored automatically.

    For cold boot persistence, you need to restore

    • CETerm application
    • Configuration settings
    • Application shortcuts

    For cold boot persistence, do the following: 

    1. Copy the CETerm CAB file to the \IPSM\AutoInstall folder on your terminal. Doing so will restore the CETerm application automatically during cold boot. The bootup process on all Honeywell terminals looks at this special folder and automatically runs all CAB files which are present in this folder. By copying the CETerm CAB file here, the application will get installed automatically.
    2. CETerm maintains all its configuration settings in the registry of the terminal. Once you have configured CETerm and registered its license, run the application RegBackup. This is an applicaion provided by Honeywell on all their terminals. It should be in the PowerTools utility folder provion your device. RegBackup will make a backup of the entire registry (including CETerm settings) and save it to a file on the (non-volatile) flash disk (\IPSM folder). The bootup process on all Honeywell terminals, by default, is configured to import all registry settings from this saved file into the registry.
    3. If you would like to force a registry restore, just run the RegRestore application in PowerTools.

    4. To test, cold boot the terminal and verify restore of CETerm and all its configuration settings