Ceterm: Cold boot persistence setup for Psion mobile computers

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Some Psion mobile computers may loose all installed applications, configuration information, registry settings, shortcuts and data if the device undergoes a cold boot. It is a good idea to setup cold boot persistence so that your application and its configuration settings and data are restored automatically. Psion makes this very easy to do on their terminals.

    All Psion mobile computers come with a Total Recall applet. This may be used to setup cold boot persistence so that you can restore the saved device image if the terminal ever undergoes a cold boot.

    1. Install CETerm, if not already done so
    2. Configure CETerm including license registration
    3. Run "Total Recall" applet. This will preserve the complete device image, including applications and registry to a flash folder. Following a cold boot, the device image is automatically restored as part of the cold boot process.
    4. If any changes are made to the CETerm configuration or device image, remember to run "Total Recall" again so that your updates are forced into the saved "restore image".