CETerm: Cold boot persistence setup for Datalogic mobile computers

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    Some Datalogic (PSC) mobile computers will loose all installed applications, configuration information, registry settings, shortcuts and data if the device undergoes a cold boot. It is a good idea to setup cold boot persistence so that your application and its configuration settings and data are restored automatically.

    Cold boot persistence setup on Datalogic terminals requires steps to:

    • Persisting registry
    • Install CETerm CAB file

    NOTE: Different models of Datalogic (PSC) terminals may have slight variations in folder names / folder paths. Please review your terminal product reference manual for exact details. You can download these from the Datalogic website. 

    1. Install CETerm to your Datalogic terminal
    2. Configure all settings including license registration
    3. Run the "Persistent Registry" utility applet available from Datalogic. This will save the entire terminal registry to a flash storage. The cold boot process will automaticall restore the registry settings from this file. Since all CETerm settings are saved in the device registry, these will also get saved and restored following a cold boot.
    4. Copy the CETerm CAB file to the specified folder based on your device OS platform. The CAB will automatically be extracted following a cold boot.
          For Windows CE OS                \FlashFX Disp\AutoStart CAB For Windows Mobile / WEH OS      \FlashDisk\AutoStart CAB 

    If you wish to autostart any applications, you can modify the autostart.ini file