CETerm: How do I display "Box Drawing" characters in VT sessions?

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    If you are using the "DEC Special Graphics" and selecting these via VT escape sequences, there are some limitations. With version 4.1 or higher, CETerm uses true graphics characters from Windows fonts to display graphics characters. If you so not see all graphics characters correctly in your VT host screen, it may be because a couple of glyphs are missing in the selected font.

    If you want to use code pages such as 850 to display "Box Drawing" characters, then you can use "single-byte codesets" (SBCS) and can display any character in the code page which has a corresponding glyph in the Windows font. The two conditions here are:

    1. The code page must be on your device (many are).
    2. The font you choose must have the glyph (this varies).

    Another alternative is to use UTF-8 encoding to display *any* Unicode character that has the corresponding glyph in your Windows font. You can use the "luit" filter on Linux to convert output from your Unicode capable application to the UTF-8 format.