ENA: Device will not check in with periodic updates on Universal Windows7 Eanabler.

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche SE 5.3

    Environment: Universal Enabler (Windows7) v5.3-xx, Setting the Periodic Update to 1-minute (example)



    Problem: Device does not check into the Avalanche Server. Can't see the Last Contact change or the Enabler does not show connection.



    Solution/Workaround: There are two different workarounds.

                                       1) Downgrade the Enabler version to 4.06-55.

                                       2) In the File folder on the device (C:\Program Files (x86)\Wavelink\Avalanche\Enabler\Config), you will find four files,


                                       You will need to open each file with a Notepad, and change the setting sync.periodic.time.


                                       This would be equal to the setting of an Enabler v4.06-55.

                                       This would be an example of  1-minute ( 30471712,156869248 ).