How To: Import/Export Agent Configurations

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 2016.x



    This article covers how to import/export Agent Configurations within LDMS. This can be useful when transferring agents between Core's.


    Export Agent Configuration


    • In the LDMS Core, click Tools | Configuration | Agent Configuration
    • Select the desired Agent Configuration, right click and choose Export



    • In the Select export filename window,
      • File name:  This will default to the name of the agent. It can be changed if desired.
      • Save as type: Leave as LANDESK exported item files (*.ldms)
    • Click Save



    • When the Export Status window shows Done, click Close



    The *.ldms file will now be available to be imported.






    Import Agent Configuration


    • In the LDMS Core, click Tools | Configuration | Agent Configuration
    • Right click My configurations or Public Configurations and choose Import



    • In the Select File to Import window, select the *.ldms file that was exported.



    • In the Import options window choose Insert Items into group(s) specified in the .ldms file, and click Import
      • If an agent configuration with the same name already exists, this will force the creation of a new copy of the agent. Choosing 'Update' will cause it to import over the top of the existing same named configuration.




    • When the Import Status window indicates Done, click Close




    The imported agent is now available for use with the LDMS console




    Imported Agent configurations will retain all the settings they were configured with on the original Core. This is mostly acceptable, however if you have transfered this configuration file to a new Core, it will contain Client Connectivity settings that point to the old core. Attempting to push an agent out, or build a self contained agent with these inaccurate settings, will fail. The Core certificate (*.0) will also not be present when an agent is imported.



    Original Core: JohnDoesCore.domain

    Imported onto Core: 96-Core3.evdomain.local