Scheduled Documents Failing

Version 1

    In releases prior to v14.1 - If you have created a document that runs perfectly in the Xtraction UI, but fails to run to run when you schedule it, the likely cause of this failure is that an update to the data model was made and the change was used in the document.  The data model was reloaded in the Xtraction UI so the document is able to access the changed data model.  However, the scheduled document is run by the "Xtraction Task Manager" service.  This service needs to be recycled in order to pick up the changes made in the data model.  Once the service is recycled your scheduled document will run as expected.

    This has been resolved in v14.1.


    To partially avoid this issue, here is a windows script that restarts the service every night:

    @REM "XtractionRestart.CMD - This program restart the Xtraction Scheduler service to ensure it is using the latest DataModel"

    SET SERVICENAME=XtractionTaskManager
    SET LOGFILE=d:\Bat\XtractionRestart.LOG

    Echo Restarting Xtraction Service %SERVICENAME%...
    Echo Results are saved in %LOGFILE%

    DATE /T >> %LOGFILE% 2>&1
    TIME /T >> %LOGFILE% 2>&1


    ECHO --- >> %LOGFILE% 2>&1

    EXIT 0