How do I add the URL to the various Xtraction views?

Version 1

    Now that Xtraction supports unique addresses to inidividual dashboards, documents, and reports, it is possible to have the various views in the Xtraction adapter include a URL to the related dashboard, document, or report. This way, clicking on the records in these record lists would trigger the assocated reporting object to load in a new window. This article steps you through the process of adding the URL using the Data Model Editor.



    This article assumes you have a basic understanding of the Data Model Editor tool



    Add new "Linkid" field

    1. Navigate to the "Dashboard Access" view
    2. Add a new field to the DASHBOARD table with the following properties



    Text = Linkid

    Data type = String

    Expression = DASHBOARD.LINKID


    NOTE: Only check the Active flag. Leave the rest of the flags unchecked.

    Add the URL

    1. From the "URLs" tab of the "Dashboard Access" view property dialog, add a URL record with the following properties
    2. Add the following fields (in order) to the field list at the bottom: Linkid



    Text = Xtraction Dashboard

    URL = http://[XTRACTION_SERVER]/Xtraction/Flash/Default.aspx?LinkTo=DASHBOARD&LinkToId={0}


    NOTE: In the URL property, replace "[XTRACTION_SERVER]" with the appropriate server name.

    Repeat the Last Two Sections

    Repeat the last two sections ("Add new Linkid field" and "Add the URL"), for each additional view in which you would like the link to work.

    Possible views include:

        Dashboard Access
        Document Access
        Report Access

    NOTE: The Scheduled Tasks and Favorite Folders views, if available, already have the URLs defined

    NOTE: The field and URL information are slightly different for document and report views, compared to the dashboard view details in the previous steps. The differences are as follows:

    "Add new Linkid field" Section
    For Document and Report related views, the Linkid field is added to the DOCUMENT and REPORT tables respectively.

    "Add the URL" Section
    For Document and Report related views, the URL string should be changed such that the work DASHBOARD is replaced with DOCUMENT and REPORT respectively

    For example,