HelpDesk Tables Definitions

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    HelpDesk Table list, Mnemonic values and Descriptions




    Table                    Mnemonic    Description


    ACALL           ACL     Call Archive Table

    ACALNOTE     CAN     Call Notes Archive table

    ACLALDST     ACD     Call Reminder Destination Archive table

    ACLFLTFC     AFF     Call Action Track Archive Table

    ACLFNOTE     AFN     Call Action track Notes Archive table

    BHLDYCL                     BHC     Public holiday table

    CALASGN        CAS     Call Assignment Table

    CALL                     CAL     Call Table

    CALNOTE                 CNT     Call Notes Table

    CATLEV1              CT1     Category Level 1

    CATLEV2              CT2     Category Level 2

    CATLEV3              CT3     Category Level 3

    CATLEV4               CT4     Category Level 4

    CATMST                   CMS     Category table

    CLALDST       CAD     Call Reminder Destination Table

    CLFLTFC       CFF     Call Action Track Table

    CLFNOTE       CFN     Call Action Track Notes Table

    CLTRACT       CTA     Call Term Control Point Action table

    CLTRCPT       CTC     Call Control point table

    CNTRCAT       CCT     Contract Category Table

    CNTRFAC      CCF     Contract Facility Table

    CSTCNTR      CCR     Contract Table

    CUSPERS      CPR     Customer Contact Table

    CUSTFAC      CFC     Customer Facility table

    CUSTMER      CUS     Customer Table

    FACLSTR       FST     Facility Type Structure Table

    GENFAC        GFC     Facility Type table

    GROUP          GRP     Group Table

    HDCNFG        HDC     HelpDesk Configuration table

    OPERTR        OPR     Operator table

    OPPRVLG       OPV     Operator Privilege Table

    OPRWINST     OWS     Operator Window Setting table

    PARAM20                     P20     20 char parameter table

    PARAM3        PM3     3 char parameter table

    PARAM8        PM8     8 char parameter table

    PROBLEM       PRB     Problem and Solution table

    PRVLEG         PRV     (obsolete)

    SCATMST       SCM     Sub Category table

    SFACSTR      SFS     Facility Structure Table

    SPECFAC      SFC     Facility Table

    SRTCACT      SCA     Service Tern Control Point Action table

    SRTCPTS       SCP     Service Tern Control Point table

    SRVTERM       STR     Service Term Table

    STDNOTE      SNT     Standard Note Table

    SUPTGRP      SPG     Support Group Table

    SYMPTOM     SYM     Problem Symptoms Table


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