CETerm: How to auto start a session

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    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    You may want to configure CETerm so as to start a session and connect to the configured host automatically.

    In Windows CE, you can launch any application when the mobile computer boots by placing a shortcut for the application in the \Windows\Startup folder. To launch CETerm automatically when your device boots, place its shortcut in the \Windows\Startup folder.


    To configure CETerm so it automatically connects a session to the configured host, follow these steps.


    1. From the application menu, select [Session][Configure] to open the configuration dialog.
    2. Select the Connection tab. You should have the Host Type, Host Address and Telnet Port correctly set to connect to your backend host application.
    3. Select the [Advanced] button.
    4. Check the "Auto Connect" checkbox. This will cause this session to automatically attempt a connection when the application starts.
    5. If you have multiple sessions that you would like to automatically connect when CETerm starts, enable this "Auto Connect" setting for each of those sessions.


    You can also associate a login script to be automatically run upon a successful host connection. Revice the Scripting section for a sample auto-login script.