How do I export my CE Term configuration and import it onto another device?

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    Naurtech CETerm 5.x

    Mobile Device


    Question / Issue:

    • How do I export my device configuration and import it onto another device?

    Answer / Resolution:

    1. Set up Automatic Licensing (BEFORE EXPORT)
    2. Set up cold boot Persistence (BEFORE EXPORT)
    3. Export Registry Files


    Set Up Automatic Licensing

    It is important to configure "Automatic Licensing" before the export so that the other devices can find their correct license.

    See this article for details:Configuring automated license registration / How do I set up automatic license registration?


    WARNING: If you fail to do this, you will need to manually install the license on all the other devices.


    Set Up Coldboot Persistence

    To deploy to other devices, you can export the registry keys and import on another device.

    CETerm keeps the configuration in the device registry:



    You can use any tool to export the registry keys, but if using Motorola, Intermec, Datalogic, Honeywell, or Psion devices we recommend using one of our "cold boot persistence" scripts below that will create the REG file. This will make make sure settings are not lost after a coldboot:


    Export Registry Files

    Now use any registry tool to export the key:



    CETerm uses large registry entries and some tools are flawed and fail to export or import the values.  If some values are not preserved, you may need to use a different tool.


    You'll need to import the following onto the device:

    • goldimageReg.reg   (You might have a different name)
    • License.xml
    • Original cab file
    • Ceterm.ini