Reporting on Note tables in Helpdesk Classic

Version 3

    Would like to understand how note tables work and how they are named.


    (possibly add the resolution of this article to the resolution of article 37)


    Any elements on a table that are of type NOTE (Open designer, click File | Elements, Highlight the Element (column name without _HDW) and Click the modify button) will have a note table which holds the actual data for that column.


    In order to work out the note table name, login to Designer and click File | Tables | Edit.  Highlight the relevant table e.g the Call Table and click Modify.  The Table Alias is the Physical table name.  The Table Mnemonic will be prefixed to the column name of your note field to create the note table name.  E.g The EMAIL_HDW field on the Customer table is a note field.  The table Mnemonic of the Customer table is CUS so the note table which stores the email addresses will be CUSEMAIL_HDW.


    All Note tables have a NOTEKEY_HDW which links to the source column on the source table and a NOTETEXT_HDW column which stores the actual data.


    The EMAIL_HDW column on the CUSTMER_HDW table would link to the NOTEKEY_HDW column on the CUSEMAIL_HDW note table.


    **See also attached doc on reporting on notes and descriptions****


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