Which of my objects have been made knowledgeable?

Version 2

    Which of my objects have been made knowledgeable for inclusion in my knowledge build?


    SELECT T3.md_title,T1.md_title FROM md_class_type T1

    JOIN md_class_behaviour T2 ON T1.md_guid = T2.md_class_type_guid

    JOIN md_module T3 ON T1.md_module_guid = T3.md_guid

    WHERE T2.md_behaviour_type_guid = '98682EA8-75BD-42BD-80FC-47CD1A03FABF' -- guid for knowledgeable behaviour

    -- AND T1.md_module_guid = 'f04b4ad2-ef05-46a6-8497-b4ab0a7a5958' -- guid for knowledge module

    ORDER BY T3.md_title


    This information can also be viewed in the builder report. To display the builder report double click on the completed knowledge builds in the queue entries. A list of the knowledgeable objects is displayed


    This script can be used for troubleshooting purposes.


    ITBM ServiceDesk