Error: 'String was not recognised as a valid Boolean' when saving Process

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    When saving a Process, such as Incident, Change, Problem or a Process Action you get error message: "String was not recognised as a valid Boolean".


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      • Please note these symptoms can occur for other reasons **


    When you create your Boolean in Object Designer you will in the properties have an option to set a true and false value. This can be a number or piece of text. This is optional and If this is entered then rather than seeing a tick box on the window you will see a drop down list. The value entered will be the values showed in your drop down list.


    The problem occurs when you enter any other text value in here than "True" and "False" AND you have a Condition in your process which is referencing this particular Boolean.


    Any Condition in the process which is referencing a boolean will be looking for a value of "True" or "False". If any other value is added in the boolean, then this is the value that it will compare to. However it cannot translate this to a valid boolean value and so it will throw the error message.


    This has been reported as problem: 6141 - "Boolean with other True/False value than True & False cannot be evaluated by a process condition referencing the boolean attribute."




    1. One option is to leave the True/False value blank, then the boolean will show as a tick box instead.


    2. If this needs to show as a drop down list then you will need to use the value "True" and "False" as this is the only values which will be recognised as valid.


    boolean condition.JPG


    3. Alternative, create a Reference List Object and link this to your relevant Object. You can then add in any value to the Reference List section in the Administration Component and use this on your window instead. You can then create your condition to look at this Attribute instead.



    If you are experiencing this issue, please log this with your Support Provider, referencing Problem number: 6141.