What is the Reinitialise action in Process Designer

Version 2

    What is the reinitialise action within Process Designer.


    If you allow changing of the process you can use this option will allow you to change the process to another process.


    Prior to version 7.4


    1  Using Process Designer, open the process upon which you will base the Hot Topic template.


    2  Select the status that you want to use as the point where you change processes, then view the status Properties.


    3  Set Allow Changing of Processes to True.


    4  Click  to save the new process.


    When you create an IPC that you have set up to allow changing of processes on a particular status, then when the IPC reaches the particular status, the Reinitialise action appears in the Actions list.


    Version 7.4 and later.


    The reinitialise action is now added to the process diagram as you would with any other action. For more information please see the 74NewFeatures.pdf manual on pages 50-53.


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