SLA Response Level drop down displays all Response Levels for all modules

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    Issue/Case Scenario:


    When using the 'ignore agreements' Tick Box/Boolean to manually amend the response level of an Incident ticket, all response levels are showing from all class types, such as request and problem etc.  This is causing some confusion as an Incident and Request will have the same name, i.e. Priority 1 plus we get a number of pages to click through.





    We can apply a fairly quick fix around this, whereby we create a filter on the Response Level relationship on the Incident object so we only see SLA's for setup for Incident, to achieve this please see below steps....


    1) Within Designers, open up Object Designer.


    2) Expand Incident Management.


    3) Locate "Incident" and double click this.


    4) Locate "Response Level" and click on this.


    5) Within Properties, Locate "Filter Selectors", and click on box.JPG




    6) Within the Window that's has appeared, Click on "New Filter Rule" and within the Window, click on the drop down box and select New.


    7) Give it a Title and tick "Everyone" and press OK.


    8) In the Filter Builder Window that has appeared place the "Title" attribute into the attributes part of the filter and for Criteria drag over "Class Type".


    8) Upon adding "Class Type" you should be presented with another Window, populate this with the following....


    Condition = Is Equal To

    Comparison Value = Specify absolute value

    Value = Incident



    9) Once completed, you should have the following setup.






    10) Save your filter and your Done!



    For more information on Filter creation, please see below Article.


    Filter Training. What is a Filter and how do I set one up to use it?