"Waiting for Network" on CE Term

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    CE Term 5.7


    Using CE Term 5.7 I get the error message "Waiting for Network"



    The customer sees this message because they have enabled "Check Network Before Connect" in CETerm. CETerm checks the full path to the host with a ping.

    There can be several possible causes for this not being returned:

    • The hostname may be incorrect in the CETerm session.
    • The DNS may be incorrectly configured on the device.
    • The host may not be reachable on the network.
    • The host may not be responding.
    • The host or network may be configured to prevent ping responses.


    • Correct any of the above issues
    • Disable the "Check Network Before Connect" in CE Term