Creating a Window associated Process Action

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    Service Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.x


    How do you create an Action in Process Designer that opens up a user-created window?


    1.)  You need to create a Business Object for the window to be associated with.  This should be part of the relevant module (i.e. Incident Management > Incident if it is to be used in the Incident Process) and does not need any specific behaviour's.


    2.)  Make your object a collection on the Incident object by dragging the Incident Object onto the one you have created.


    3.)  Select the Incident module, highlight the collection/attribute for the Object you have created and in the Actions Window select 'Manage Actions'.  In the Manage Actions window, click Add.  Name it something identifiable and click OK.  Your newly created action will now be available in Process Designer.


    4.)  Now create a Window in Window Manager for the Business Object you just created.


    5.)  Go into Process Designer and just check the Business Objects tree under Incident > Action to make sure your action is there.


    6.)  You can now add this Acion to a Process and when used it will display the window you have created.