SLA's configured with change colour escalations, but these are not changing colour in a query view

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6


    I have set up some response levels, and colour escalations so that the incident will change colour at certain points during its SLA process, but when I view the query they are not changing colour.


    You need to check first of all that you have added the colour attrubute to the query, then you will need to go to the properties of the colour attribute and on the Colour tab, check the box 'This is a colour attribute'.


    Secondly, check that you have background services running, if it isnt then the SLA will not progress, check this by going to Control Panal | Administration Tools | Services, select 'Touchpaper Background Services Processing' right click and select start.


    Now when you go to view the query, the records should change colour in relation to what you have set up for the SLA.


    Also note that the query will need to be configured to auto refresh every x minutes.