Provisioning my CE Term client is not working / CE Term not configuring correctly / incorrect registry files

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7


    CE Term 5.7


    • Provisioning CE Term is not working
    • My device is not configuring CE Term correctly
    • My device doesn't get the correct CE Term registry files



    • If CETerm is running, it won't recognize registry changes until the next time it is started.  Your changes could also be overwritten if you access the configuration portion of CETerm.
    • The CETerm configuration uses large registry values.  Some registry tools are flawed and do not handle the large values correctly.  If the tool is flawed, upon import, values in the REG file after the large values may not be imported.



    • You should make sure CETerm is not running whenever you push registry settings.
    • Make sure your registry import tool is not flawed (verify this by testing another import tool)