CENert - Enhanced registry backup and restore utility

Version 2

    Verified Product Versions

    CETerm 5.7

    CENert - Enhanced registry backup and restore utility


    CENert is a high performance registry backup and restore tool. CENert is used to save portions of the registry to a file and to restore registry keys from a file. The file is text based and adheres to the Microsoft REGEDIT4 format, used by CERegEdit.


    CENert is attached below for download:


    CENert can be controlled by using command line switches and arguments or by using an INI file named CENERT.INI. If using the .ini file, then the name of the file MUST be CENERT.INI otherwise it will not be recognized. If the command line is used, the INI file is generally ignored. Some switches may be placed on the command line when using the INI file, however, the actions of the switches can be overridden by INI file contents. The INI file must be in the same directory as the CENert executable (EXE) file.

    Detailed usage documentation and configuration samples are available in the download zip bundle.


    NOTE: If you have issues with CE Term - CETerm tool - CENert seems to not restore all the saved registry key values