Managing Response Agreement Rules -  Also covering Importing and Exporting Rules

Version 7

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.7.x


    I want to build a new set of Rules for my Response Agreements.  What's the best way to do that?



    Response Agreement rules can be added, edited and removed in the Administration component.  However, if there are many many rows to create it's often easier to use Excel to "write" the rules and then import them in to Service Desk.  In order to find out what format Service Desk requires for the import, you can export the existing rules from the 'Export Rules' action on the 'Response Agreements' folder.


    In order to import rules you will need to set up a data connection to the Excel workbook before using the 'Import Rules' action on the 'Response Agreements' folder.  For more information, see the Administrator manual.


    UPDATE FROM VERSION 7.3.1. onwards


    There have now been some improvements made to the way in which you can import and export these rules.  You no longer need to import the rules in a specific format but can map the attributes from your source file as you can with other types of data import. This new functionality is explained within the LDSDAdministrator guide and also within the 73NewFeatures guide under the 731 section.


    Note on Import Order: 


    When you import the rules, the column that you select to 'Order by' should ne a numeric column. By default the export creates the Row or Order column as text. This means if you use this as the Order column on the import, it will be sorted as text i.e. 1,11,12,13....2,21,22 etc. Therefore when you create the data connection to the spreadsheet, add an addition sort column and just have one dummy row in the spreadsheet making sure that this column only has a numeric value in it. Then it should be seen as numeric and given a size of 0 in the available attributes on the data connection. Then populate with the same data as the text column and use this column to sort by. Keep the text column, as it is used as the 'Name' column in the selected attributes which must be text.


    Note on existing rules when Importing:


    Importing rules will remove any existing rules before importing the new rules.