Changing response level - new escalation points don't apply

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    Changing the response level and finding that your existing response level escalation actions are changed to cancelled but NO new escalation points are created for the response level you changed it to.



    The process in my example goes from status' of Open to Responded to With Customer and then finally to the completion status of Closed.


    The change introduced in 7.2 onwards is the ability to pick different activation status types. From 7.2 you can select Start, Start (and) Other, Completion or Other activation status types for the escalation.


    A few things to note and consider :


    If you change the escalation to start at the Start or Start Other Activation Status Types then you will find that the clock will start at the time of clicking to open the new incident and not when the incident is saved / has reached the assigned status / next status as it may have done previously.


    When you change the priority on the incident when you are at an Other status you will find that the new escalation points will calculate from when the incident was originally opened and not from the time you reached your current Other status or when the priority was changed.


    There are instances when you will want one escalation to use the Start, Other Activation Status Type and times when you wouldn't.  An example using the example process would be if you had another escalation on the same response level which started at the Open status and ended at the Responded status.  If you had changed the Activation Status Type on this response level to Start, Other then this is what would happen:


    • The second escalation on our response level starts at the status Start and ends at Responded.
    • An incident is logged and is a P3 the clock starts running when the incident is at the Start status.
    • When you pass through to the Responded status the escalation points are correctly completed.
    • When the incident gets to the With Customer status and the priority is changed to P4 this is what happens:
    • The existing escalation points for the P3 priority are already completed as you have already passed through the Responded status.
    • However new escalation points for the P4 are now created again because the With Customer status is an Other status (and the escalation points are set to activate at the Start (and) Other status').  This is incorrect because you are further along the process and will not reach the Responded status again in order to complete these escalation points.
    • When using this type of escalation you would leave the settings as they are to start and end only if the incident passes through an exact status.  You need to then be aware that the clock will only start ticking once for these escalation points when the incident is first logged and will not start again when the priority is changed  (unless you are at the correct Start status) .