Creating a Linked Business Object Between 2 Modules

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    "I need to be able to create an Incident from an HR Ticket but I don't have that option like I do in Request or Change".



    More than likely, you will need to create a new Linked Business Object between the 2 modules.



    It's not as cut and dry as one may think but I've walked through this process and documented it here to aide you with this task.  This derived from this community post about creating a multi select list for Request but this method could used for any module.

    Link to article:  Can I have a "multi-select" reference list as part of Request?


    Step by Step Instructions:

    1. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE. There isn't an easy way to back this out so if it messes up, the quickest thing to do is to restore.
    2. Within Window Manager, create a new window on the "Metadata/Class Type" object and add the Title, Name and Behavior attributes.
    3. Within Query and Reports Designer, create a new query on Class type (if one does not exist) and Run the Query.
    4. Find and open Human Resources.Activity and set behavior to 8. Save & Close
    5. Find and open Incident Management.Incident and set behavior to 8. Save & Close

    6. Open Object Designer --> Human Resources and select the New Linking Business Object action
    7. Expand Human Resources and select Activity from the left and expand Incident Management and select Incident from the right and select OK.
    8. Name it Activity Incidents.  ** Before Saving, go to Incident Management.Incident and update “Activity Collection” to “IncidentActivities” (or whatever you wold like).  Also, update the “Incidents Collection” inside of Human Resources.Activity to “Incidents” (or whatever you would like) *.
    9. Now you may Save.
    10. Now you have to create your new actions for each of these collections.
    11. Inside the HumanResources.Activity object:
      • Select Incidents and choose the “Manage Actions” link.  Create 3 new actions:
        • Attach Incident (Add)
        • Create Incident (Create)
        • Detach Incident (Detach)

      12. Inside Incident object:

      • Select Incident Activities and choose the “Manage Actions” link.  Create 3 new actions:
        • Attach Activity (Add)
        • Create Activity (Create)
        • Detach Activity (Detach)

      13.  Save these actions

      14.  Confirm these actions appear in Process for each module and that they launch the correct windows when selected.

       15.  Once confirmed, rerun the query on class type and set the behaviors back to 0 that you set from steps 5 & 6.



    Be careful and I hope this helps out.