'The type initializer for 'Touchpaper.Knowledge.Administration.AdministrationServer'

Version 1

    'The type initializer for 'Touchpaper.Knowledge.Administration.AdministrationServer' threw an exception'


    This was found to be an issue with running on a 64 bit platform.  This issue does not occur on 32 bit platforms.


    The machine needed the 64 bit version of Visual J# installed (the standard one needed to be uninstalled first, but it will tell you this).  Check that the 64 bit version of .Net Framework is already installed.  Also after taking a backup


    1.     Stop Knowledge Builder Service.

    2.     Delete from tps_application_setting WHERE (tps_name = 'VeritySettings')

    3.     Restart Knowledge Builder Service.


    7.2 +

    ITBM core and active knowledge on 64 bit windows 2003