How To: Fix the Common Base Agent Status Not Loaded Issue

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    Very often customers open a support ticket claiming that their software distribution, patch management etc. tasks fails or even hang stuck on the active status.

    Following a remote session, we usually identify that one of the causes of this behaviour is due to the Common Base agent which is not loaded or missing.

    This article explains how solve some of the scenarios when the CBA status shown as not loaded within the agent properties of a device.






    LANDesk Management Suite all versions.


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    It is assumed that the agent has been already installed once on the affected machines.


    Why this component is so important?


    The CBA is installed by default when you deploy your agent configuration across your unmanaged devices. Whether this is done through push, advance agent or GPO, the CBA MUST be installed in order to provide (among other functionalities) device discovery and to manage core server/device communication.


    How to:


    There are many reasons why the CBA is not loaded. One of the most common is related to the fact that the agent has been corrupted or may not be upgraded after the installation of a service pack\component patch.

    In order to resolve this scenario, we usually recommend to reinstall the agent (possibly removing it with a force clean switch). This solution is most likely to solve also other issues CBA related. How to uninstall the Ivanti / LANDESK Agent for Windows

    Another possible approach, which can be tested before removing and reinstalling the agent, is to reinstall only the CBA . This can be simply done running : \\[IP core server] \ldlogon\cba8inst.msi

    In other situations when the client machine cannot reach the url : http://[client IP address]:9595/ , the issue might be related to the device resolution and it can be solved with : Configure > Agent Status Options > Use DNS .


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