What should be backed up to allow for a full restore of Xtraction?

Version 1

    Backup the database

    Make sure the database is backed up on a regular basis.  All user accounts, dashboard definitions, security settings, etc. are all stored in the database.



    Backup the application files

    Ideally, back up the entire Xtraction Software\Xtraction application folder structure (Hagrid Solutions\Xtraction in older installations)

    At a minimum, back up the data files, including the following folders:

    1. Xtraction\Data (and all subfolders)
    2. Xtraction\Web\Server\Dynamic (and all subfolders)
    3. Xtraction\Web\Server\web.config (file)
    4. Xtraction\Web\WinAuth\web.config (file)