How do I put the Xtraction web application in debug mode?

Version 3

    Generic Message



    Most errors that occur in Xtraction lead to a generic error message displayed in the web interface.  If this is a server-side error, it should be recorded in the log files on the server.  However, if it is a client-side error, no entries are logged on the server.  To see the details about the error from within the browser application, place the application in "Debug Mode".


    Debug Mode Address



    To place Xtraction in debug mode, modify the web address (URL) by placing "?debugmode=true" at the end of the address, after "default.aspx".


    Startup in Debug Mode



    When Xtraction loads in Debug Mode, an initialization dialog appears.  Typically, you can ignore the information displayed in this dialog and simply click the OK button to proceed.


    Error Information

    Reloading the web site with this modified address will replace the generic error messages with more descriptive information.  Depending on the type of error, you may be able to determine the problem yourself.  Otherwise, this information can be copied to the clipboard and submitted to your internal support staff or in a support ticket on Xtraction Solutions' support site.

    To copy the information to the clipboard, click anywhere in the error text, press CONTROL-A on the keyboard to select all of the text, then CONTROL-C to copy it to the clipboard.