Why is part of my dashboard/document not exporting?

Version 1

    Xtraction supports exporting dashboards, documents, and individual components in a number of different formats.  Due to different limitations, some formats may have restrictions on what or how data is exported.  Those restrictions are listed below.


    Microsoft Excel

    When a dashboard or document are exported to Excel, all components are exported.  Each component's informaiton will be a separate tab in the Excel workbook.  The restriction is that graphical representations (graphs/charts) are not exported.  Instead, the underlying data is exported as a grid of information.



    Microsoft PowerPoint

    When a dashboard or document is exported to PowerPoint, ONLY the components set to display graphically (as a chart or graph) will be exported.  Anything set to display as a data grid, including record lists, will not be exported to PowerPoint.  As a result, there will likely be fewer slides than there are components on a dashboard/document, unless that dashboard/document is comprised completely of charts and graphs.