The number of licensed users has been exceeded

Version 1


    If Xtraction is licensed for concurrent users, there is a limit to the number of users that can access the Xtraction web or iPad interfaces at any given time.  If more users attempt to log into Xtraction at one time than the license count allows, Xtraction displays an error message (see image).




    In addition, an entry is written in the Xtraction log file on the server.  The log entry will be similar to the following:

    Date : 5/29/2012 2:57:52 PM Querystring : User Id : admin Machine User Id : NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Xtraction.Model.LicencingException: The number of licenced users has been exceeded.   at 4.2.M()   at 4.2.CreateSession(Int32 userId, String ipAddress, String userAgent)   at Xtraction.Web.Services.SessionWebService.CreateSession()

    If a specific user needs to access Xtraction and receives the error message, another user already logged into Xtraction will have to log out in order to reduce the concurrent user count and allow that other user to log in.  Note that if a user leaves the Xtraction application web page, or closes their browser, it may take up to a minute for Xtraction to recognize the user has left the application and reduce the license count.

    If this situation occurs frequently, it is suggested that you consider increasing your Xtraction concurrent user license count.