Not able to sort by Wildcard with AMC v4.8

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    Avalanche 4.8

    Environment: AMC v4.8.180, Reporting Tool, Custom report.


    Problem: Not able to create a report by a specific sort (Terminal ID, or Model, ect.). Cannot us a wildcard for sorting. Needing to use the complete name.


    Cause: Properties are a string and not able to us a wild card.


    Solution/Workaround: You will need to create a string for each end of the property range.

    Here is an Example of the query needed for the Model, Terminal ID, Last Contact, and sorting with the Terminal ID range.


    Select: a.Model, a.TerminalId, a.LastContact

    From: MobileDevice as a

    Where: a.TerminalId >= 'JCP0000' AND a.TerminalId <= 'JCP9999'

    Order By

    Group By

    As you can see in the Where: statement there needs to be a “Greater Than”, and also a “Less Than”, instead of a Range or WildCard. (a.TerminalId >= 'JCP0000' AND a.TerminalId <= 'JCP9999')