ASE mobile device server offline after restoring backup

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    Avalanche 5.3Avalanche SE 5.3Avalanche SE 5.2


    Avalanche Site Edition



    Avalanche Site Edition mobile device server won't come online after restoring a backup.

    The mobile device server was online before the backup was restored

    The service is running

    When you try to start the mobile device server it says that it is already running



    Avalanche Site Edition is designed to only use one Mobile Device Server (dServer, MDS).

    Restoring the backup can cause a the SiteIdentifier property in the to change.

    When a Mobile Device Server checks in with a new SiteIdentifier, it will be treated as an additional MDS

    The additional MDS does not show up because Avalanche Site Edition will only accommodate one.



    We can resolve this by changing the SiteIdentifier in the back to the initial value. To do this, use the following

    •      Stop the MDS. If the service is running, no changes will be applied. The service name will be Wavelink Avalanche Manager, or Wavelink Avalanche Agent if using an older version.
    •      Find the Typically this is going to be in Program Files\Wavelink\Avalanche\Service
    •      Open the with a text editor. (notepad works just fine)
    •      Uupdate the SiteIdentifier property to localhost and save your change
    •      Rename or delete the
    •      Restart the MDS service.

    IF changing this to local host does not work, you will need to look into the database to see what we think the site identifier should be. To do that

    • Log into PGAdmin III and go into Databases > avalanchexx (this will be the version of avalanche you are using IE: avalanche53) > Schemas > Public > Tables > egroup and view data
    • Mobile Device Servers will show up as SERVER-LOCATION under Type , and the problematic server will likely show up as My_Enterprise_My_Location under Site_Identifier. The initial MDS will be listed in here too. It should have a Site_Identifier of localhost.