Email is being read but is not creating incidents, requests etc.

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    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.6Service Desk 7.7.xService Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    Service Desk 7.7 and above


    Requires Access To:

    Access to all of your environments is needed for this.


    What are we troubleshooting?

    Troubleshooting inbound email being read by the inbound mail service but Service Desk is not creating Incidents.


    Step by Step:

    If you have noticed that your inbound mail service is reading mail from your inbox but is not creating incidents.


    1.  Log into configuration center and stop the inbound mail service.


    2.  Click on Edit and set the log severity to Trace and click OK.  Follow this article on how to turn on logging, Diagnostic logging using Configuration Center


    3.  Start the inbound mail service.


    4.  Go into Event Viewer, Start>Run type, eventvwr and hit enter.


    5.  Check the application log in event viewer and if you see the inbound mail service showing it connecting and you don't see any errors.


    6.  This could be caused by having a Test environment or a DEV environment that had been copied from Production but the mail settings have not been changed or removed so the mail service on your other environments could be connecting to your mail box and pulling the mail before your production mail service pulls it.  If so, remove the mail connection details from your mail settings in the Console.