How To: Add/Delete/Move a Shared Folder in Xtraction

Version 2


    All Xtraction Versions + Log with an account with either "Designer" or "Enterprise Designer Role"


    How to:

    You'd like to share some Dashboards, Documents, Reports on a new Shared Folder in Xtraction. These steps will explain you how to create a new folder.


    Step by Step:

         1- Login with your "x Designer" account on the Web UI Xtraction

         2- Go on one of the Designer page; "DASHBOARD DESIGNER", "DOCUMENT DESIGNER" or "REPORT DESIGNER"

         3- Click on TOOLS > Choose FOLDERS

         4- To create a new folder,Right-Click on "Shared Folders" or one of the existing shared folders > Click on "Add Folder"

         5- On the new window, input a Name, and input the Permissions (NOTE: You can edit permissions only if you are an Enterprise Designer) and click OK (See result in printscreen below)


         NOTE: To Delete or Move a Shared Folder, you need to access to the same Folder hierarchy through step 1-3