How To: Add/Delete some Sub Folders in the Stored Reports in Xtraction

Version 2


    All Xtraction versions


    Requires Access To:

    You can't Add or Delete some Sub Folders from the Xtraction Web User Interface. You need to login the Xtraction application server and have Edit access on the Reports folder


    How to:

    In the Xtraction Web User Interface, on the Home page, you get an icon called "OPEN STORED REPORT" on the left pane. When clicking on it, an window called "STORED REPORTS" opens and you can see under "Reports" folder some existing sub folders (See printscreen below) already created or not, if new installation.


    These reports are generated by the Service called "Xtraction Task Manager" and that you define in Scheduled Tasks through the Delivery tab (See printscreen below)




    Step by Step:

    Follow these steps in order to create a new Report Sub Folder;


         1- Login to the Xtraction Application server, preferably with Admin rights or having enough Edit rights for the folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Web\Server\Dynamic\Reports\"

         2- In windows Explorer,  go in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Web\Server\Dynamic\Reports\"

         3- Create a new folder called "SubFolder2"

         NOTE: In case you copy some Sub Folder from another computer, you need to be sure that;

      • The Account running the service "Xtraction Task Manager" has Edit right to these folders and files (By default, SYSTEM account runs it)
      • The Account running the IIS application pool called "Xtraction" (The Identity in other terms of the Application Pool) has at least some READ rights on Reports and Subfolders because this is the account used when accessing these folders through the "OPEN STORED REPORT" button


         4- Close the STORED REPORTS or Schedule Export Windows if they were already opened, then open them again

         5- You can now see the new report