How To: Export/Import some Folders / Filters / Dashboards / Documents / Reports from one Xtraction Database to another - XPORT tool

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    How to:


    If you have designed some new Dashboards etc on a TEST Xtraction Environment and you'd like to export them into the LIVE Xtraction Environment, you can use the Xtraction tool called "XPort". Indeed, all the Filters, Dashboard, Documents and Reports designed are stored on the Xtraction DB hence the need of a tool can help.


    ATTENTION: Of course, exporting, for example, a dashboard to another Xtraction DB which has no relationship with the source Xtraction DB and using different Data Models may not work because it can refers to differents fields, or other Database technologies etc.


    Step by Step:

         1- Login into the Application server

         2- Double click on Xport.exe in "C:\Program File (x86)\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Tools" folder

         3- A window called "Database Connection Editor" opens (See below)


         4- Input the Source Xtraction DB connection details (NOTE: Click on TEST button to see if all is correct) and click OK

         5- From there, the Xport window will open and will offer you the instructions how to operate on the right pane to EXPORT and then IMPORT (IMPORTANT: Always Backup the Destination Xtraction DB before hand)