How to Setup LDMS to use a Read Only Account for Running Reports

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    The Reports tool accesses the database with the user credentials that were specified during product setup. If you prefer to set up different credentials for the users who have reports rights, you can create a second set of credentials for reporting database access. When you change they user, you specify the user name and password for the account that you want the Reports tool to access the database with. This account must have already been created with specific access rights to the database.



    • Create a user account for your database, assigning it the rights you want to use.
      • Open up Management Studio, click on Security -> Logins and Right Click on "New Login"


    • Create an account. Make sure to set it to SQL Authentication, and Default Database. You can choose the password expiration setting depending on your security requirements of your network. If you choose to select "Enforce password expiration" be sure to uncheck "User must change password at next logon.

    ss (2015-11-30 at 03.27.44).png


    • Click on User mapping Next. Click on your database name, and select db_datareader, and public.


    ss (2015-11-30 at 03.29.36).png


    • Click ok. Now login to Landesk Management Suite, and click on Configure Services. Type in the new account information you created.


    ss (2015-11-30 at 03.31.50).png

    • Click OK.

    ss (2015-11-30 at 03.32.19).png


    • Open up the run command and type Services.msc Right click and click Restart on the Landesk Inventory Server Service.


    To test that this is successful, run a report while gathering a SQL Trace. This screenshot shows that our new report ran with the new credentials.


    ss (2015-11-30 at 03.39.24).png