How to do a Windows 10 Automatic Upgrade

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    How do I create an automatic upgrade to Windows 10 task?




    1.) Download the Win10 ISO, once downloaded extract the contents to your LANDesk file server.


    2.) Next you're going to need the unattend.xml that's attached. You cannot add or remove anything from this file - only the auto upgrade can be in here. save it to your fileserver in the same location as the extracted setup.exe.

    Note - the installer is fully silent with the only UI being the one below. If you wish to change this, edit the .xml to what you require.


    3.) Create a distribution task within LANDesk and point to the setup.exe within the windows 10 iso package for your primary file e.g. \\yourlandeskshare\images\Win10Images\Windows 10 OS\setup.exe


    Within the Install/Uninstall options, use the following switches /Auto:Upgrade /Unattend:unattend.xml /DynamicUpdate Disable /Copylogs %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\LANDESK\Logs\


    4.) Add all of the windows 10 media and unattend.xml as additional files.


    5.) Schedule the task and install just as you would any other software. Make sure to use Download and Execute Settings.


    Possible Issues:


    1.) Setup.exe reports back to the server with successful before it's even managed it's first reboot. When used in a template, consider adding a wait before attempting other actions.


    2.) Remove your AV from the machine before upgrading to windows 10 if it's incompatible, adding the compatible AV installer as an additional package.


    This document was created based on the following discussion, all credits go to the author: Windows 10 Automatic Upgrade [How To]