Workspaces: Known Issue with Software Package Metadata

Version 3

    Workspaces: Known Issue with Software Package Metadata


    This known issue is fixed in LDMS version 9.6 SP2 with the Workspace July 2015 patch applied.  This issue does not affect any version of LDMS 2016.

    There is a known issue with displaying Software Distribution Package metadata in Workspaces.




    Software Distribution Package properties contain a Metadata section where you can specify the following data:


    • Application Vendor
    • Estimated download time
    • Estimated install time
    • Reboot required (yes\no)
    • Category
    • Tags
    • Custom logo
    • Install screenshots

    Snap_2015.12.08 18.03.01_013.png

    In Workspaces, this data is displayed in the Software Catalog for each advertised Policy.  Clicking the "i" for information displays the metadata:

    Snap_2015.12.08 18.05.39_014.png



    • Currently, every software package will show Reboot Required: YES regardless of what you enter for metadata.
    • In order to display the "i" for information, all Metadata fields must be filled out in the software package properties.




    There is not currently a workaround for these known issues.  LANDesk support is working on a fix which will be released in a future patch.