How to add newly created Modules to Query Dropdowns to allow for use in Query Module Selection

Version 3

    Verified Product Versions

    Service Desk 7.8.xService Desk 2016.xAsset Manager 2016.x


    After creating a new Module within Service Desk Admins are unable to select the newly created Module from the Module Selection Dropdown on the Create Query Window.



    Using the Privilege Wizard you will need to set all privileges for that module. This can be done by going to newly created Module within the Privileges Configuration by Selecting the Role, and then Selecting/Highlighting the Module to allow for the Privilege Setting Wizard to appear under actions.




    Once the wizard opens select the ALL option under Privilege Settings and click Next:



    On the Clear Existing Settings screen leave all checked and click on Finish:





    You should now be able to select the module from the Query