How to find the out of hours / priority / 24 x 7 support phone number?

Version 3

    Customers who have purchased a contract that offers extended hours and priority support will be able to view the contact number via the Support Portal - Account Details page.  The number offers you a Business Hours priority queue* and Out of Hours Emergency queue that you can use if you have a critical issues outside of normal business hours for your region.


    You can access the page via this link:

    priority queue.png

    If you would like to view all priority numbers for all support regions you can now do so via the Out of Hours Emergency Numbers option from the Your Company menu.

    out of hours.png


    NOTE: This requires you to login using your portal / community login and password.  If you are not registered you can do so via   Register | LANDESK Login Service  Please use your corporate email address so we can match you to the right account.  If you are having problems with registering or we have not linked you to the correct account automatically please contact support Multiple ways to access support - Contact | LANDESK


    *Priority queue not offered in all regions when phone demand doesn't require it