How to how to create and use a file transfer script

Version 11

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x



    The purpose of this document is to provide a workaround to make file transfer scripts work on a core server or later version since PEDownloader.exe is added to clients to simplify downloading of files, and troubleshooting download issues




    Create one new file transfer script by default, it will download files with sdclient.exe

    The script is simple, it copies files and overwrites existing files.






    REMEXEC0=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /p="\\LDESK\ldlogon\Packages\XUpdate\PIN\PIN_ACW-TXT.exe" /dest="C:\XUpdate\PIN_ACW-TXT.exe" /lan=90 /wan=60

    REMEXEC1=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /p="\\LDESK\ldlogon\Packages\XUpdate\PIN\PIN_CDS-TXT.exe" /dest="C:\XUpdate\PIN_CDS-TXT.exe" /lan=90 /wan=60

    REMEXEC2=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\sdclient.exe<qt/> /f /o /p="\\LDESK\ldlogon\Packages\XUpdate\PIN\PIN_CDL-TXT.exe" /dest="C:\XUpdate\PIN_CDL-TXT.exe" /lan=90 /wan=60




    1. In the Manage Scripts tool in the console create a new File Transfer script.
    2. On the General Information page name the script, and set the destination path. MAKE SURE TO UNCHECK THE "USE MULTICAST TO DISTRIBUTE FILES" BOX.
    3. Set bandwidth parameters, and add all the files desired to the Additional Files page.
    4. Save the script.
    5. Locate the script in the console, right click on it and select "Advanced edit"
    6. Click on the "Use Editor" button, this will open the script in Notepad.
    7. In Notepad, click on Edit ==> Replace.
    8. In the "Find what:" field enter "sdclient.exe". In the "Replace with:" field enter "pedownloader.exe"
    9. Click the "Replace All", then close the Replace window.
    10. Look at the script to ensure that all instances of SDClient.exe have been replaced with pedownloader.exe.
    11. Save the changes. Close Notepad.
    12. When prompted to "Reload changes from external editor" click Yes. Review the changes in the LANDESK Script Editor to make sure they were saved properly.
    13. Schedule and run your script.


    Additional Information


    PEDownloader.exe added to clients to simplify downloading of files, and troubleshooting download issues.


    Have you ever copied the sdclient.exe out of the Boot.wim used in Provisioning tasks to simplify downloading files for tasks?  Well, those days are now gone. With the new PEDownloader.exe application that is part of every Windows Agent, there is a simple way to download the needed files for a task. Located at:


    This file is located here:


    C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\LDClient\PEDownloader.exe


    This utility allows you to more easily download files and folder from Source, Preferred Servers, Peers, or via Multicast. You can use this in your scripts, tasks, and troubleshooting.


    PEDownloader is capable of testing every function of the LANDESK Downloader (lddwnld.dll).


    For a list of commands, and some sample commands lines simply run "PEDownloader.exe /?" from the Command Prompt.