How Do I Add Outlook Groups As Email Recipients For A Scheduled Report?

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.x


    As a user, I want to add an Outlook group to my email recipients instead of individually selecting each user to receive the scheduled report.



    As of LDMS 9.6 and above, SMTP configuration of scheduled tasks pulls it's information from LDAP and the users set up on the core. There isn't a section or option to add Outlook groups or other email address that haven't been loaded from LDAP.


    Solution / Workaround:

    Set up a user in LDAP or a local user on the core and add the appropriate email groups to that users email settings from the LDAP server (or directly from the LANDesk console if using a local user account on the core).


    Follow the steps below to set up that user:


    1) If setting up the user in LDAP, create a user and then edit their properties to include the email groups you want send to.


    2) You can add multiple groups/email addresses to this users email by adding a semicolon and entering addition emails (Up to 255 characters).


    *Note* If you need to separate groups from each other you will need to create additional users for those groups.


    3) Add the user to the one of the Management Suite groups on the Core. The scope of devices this user has access to matter for the scheduled reports so keep that in mind when adding the user to the Core.


    4) Add the user in the LANDesk Console:



    5) After adding the user run the commands in the solution section of this article to immediately update the LDAP user list: New member of local LANDESK Management Suite group is not being recognized


    6) Once you have the user added to the Console you can select them as recipients for scheduled reports.



    7) If the user is a local user on the Core Server you can easily and quickly edit the email of that user through User Management by right clicking the user and selecting "Properties" like so :



    *Note* If the user is imported from LDAP this box will be gray and not editable. Any changes to that users email will need to be managed from the LDAP server.