How to easily change the file and folder view in the "file transfer" window during a remote session

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    Endpoint Manager 9.5Endpoint Manager 9.6



    You have just initiated a remote session to one of your managed nodes using the Landesk legacy viewer.


    You wish to transfer some files from the remote computer to your computer using the "file transfer" option.




    When selecting the files, there is no longer a drop down in the upper right corner of the explorer window to change from "tile view" to "detail view".


    By default, only the "tile view mode" is available, which might be an issue if the remote computer contains a lot of files and folders to sort out.




    Please note that XP client computers are not affected by this issue.





    You can use the "ALT + F" combination keys to display a new menu in the explorer window




    Then click "view".




    You should now be able to switch from "tile view" to "list" or "detail view".




    Please note that this is not a permanent setting, so you will need to repeat these steps each time you browse a folder, unless you are happy with the default "tile view".