About the Prerequisites to Check Before Installing, Updating, or Patching the Ivanti Endpoint Manager Core Server

Version 35

    Verified Product Versions

    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.xEndpoint Manager 2018.x



    It is advised to run these steps prior to running any Ivanti installer (Full install or Service Update). There can be instances where an Ivanti EPM installer will fail or run into issues after installation. Below are best practices to follow when installing or updating the Core Server.




    1. Backup or snapshot your core server and your applicable databases (including the Core Server Database and the Workspaces Database).
      • With these backups available, you can quickly restore to a functional state if you run into errors.

    2. Verify that your C drive and the drive you intend to install LANDESK onto have plenty of free space. For full specs, please visit: About the Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017 Architecture

    3. If upgrading to a new full release, verify Licensing for that version is listed in your product license.
      • You can verify this by opening the Core Server Activation and clicking on Licenses. This will show all the version assigned to your credentials.
      • Please contact support if you are missing any versions.

    4. If having to use RDP to connect to your core server when running the install, use the admin switch for the RDP session.
      • This is done by running the RDP application with the admin switch "mstsc /admin".

    5. Disable UAC, anti-virus, malware, and EPS software on the machine for the install.

    6. Download the installer to the computer locally. Do not run from a network drive.

    7. Before extracting the installer, right-click the file and go to Properties to Unblock the installer.
      • In the bottom right-hand corner of the properties window for the installer package there may be an Unblock button or check box. If this is there, unblock the file and then click Apply and OK.
      • It is critical to have the file be unblocked prior to running the LANDesk installer.



         8. Check version of Microsoft .NET that is installed and take actions appropriate for the version of EPM/LDMS that you are installing/updating to.


         9. For "NEW" installs ONLY - DO NOT install the IIS role prior to installing your core. Ivanti will do this for you as part of the installer.

      • LANDESK will incur problems during install if IIS is already installed and will not be able to proceed.

         10. Once the installer has been unblocked and extracted, run Microsoft Streams against the extracted location and install destination folders using the switches -s and -d.

         11. Check to make sure the boot.wim is not mounted on the Core server.


         12. Right-click the installer and click "Run as Administrator", even if logged on as an admin on the machine.




    Thanks for taking the time to read through these best practices steps. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, please add a comment to this document so we can internally vet those suggestions and update this document as needed.